Hands On: University Ministry

  • Location: Zambia
  • People Group: Sub-Saharan African Peoples
  • Date: Aug 15, 2024 - Dec 07, 2024
  • Cost: $3,950
  • Trip Reference Number: 33402


The City of Lusaka, Zambia is full of young Zambian students in need of solid Biblical discipleship. Students are flocking to the city from all over rural Zambia and getting indoctrinated in urban life. It is a hard jump to make and it leaves many students afraid, lonely, and desperate for help. These are some of Zambia’s brightest youth, but the pressure is often too much. All over the world you find that the college years bring definition to who you are as a person and what path you will take in life. These students need direction, a friend, and to know Christ more than ever. A culture that is very warm and accepting is perfect to turn any conversation into a spiritual one. English is the official language of Zambia and most people in the Urban context will able to converse with you. Many students will come from various Christian backgrounds, but will struggle to maintain their faith or what they thought was faith. Will you come and help these young students let Jesus define their lives and hold their future. You will be the friend they need to help them find their way to Christ. You will be their hand to hold as they face desperate times and trials.