Lonely Planet Evangelism

  • Location: Indonesia
  • People Group:
  • Date: Sep 15, 2024 - Oct 02, 2024
  • Trip Reference Number: 38181


"Pearl Island" is a tropical paradise full of delightful people who are spiritually held captive by folk Islam and culture tradition. Our tour business provides the perfect opportunity for Christians to gain entry to villages around the island. You will respectfully listen and learn about their culture, while also sharing the parts of your culture that give you hope. At the same time, you'll experience some of the most beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and sunsets that God has created. Since you're coming as a tourist, you'll do tourist things, while also looking for opportunities to share the gospel. It's not all fun and games- the heat and humidity are real, as is the spiritual darkness. However, you'll love this place and the people in it, we're sure of it.