NT: Coffee Tour

  • Location: Southeast Asia
  • People Group: Southeast Asian Peoples
  • Date: Jun 03, 2021 - Jul 31, 2021
  • Cost: $2,150 + airfare, insurance & visa costs
  • Trip Reference Number: 18498


If you love drinking coffee, hanging out in coffee shops, and building relationships... then come tour our city of a thousand coffee shops and share the love of Jesus with Muslims who have never heard His name before. Baristas & roasters preferred. You will be going on a coffee tour of the city. There are coffee shops spread throughout our city, and your team will be tasked with going into these shops to meet people, build relationships, and share Jesus. Shops are open from mid-morning until the middle of the night and are constantly filled with people. As you visit these shops you will be keeping track of who you meet, their responsiveness to the gospel, in the hope that these new relationships will lead to further opportunities of follow-up. By making these connections with coffee shops, you will be potentially opening up doors for our coffee roasting business. If you have any coffee work experience, i.e. barista or roaster, that could provide more opportunities to build relationships with people and coffee shops or potentially lead cupping or barista classes which could be sponsored by our coffee business. These opportunities could then greatly impact our strategy to reach the city with the gospel.