Olympic Digital Responder: Virtual Trip

  • Location: Your Home
  • People Group:
  • Date: Jul 25, 2024 - Sep 11, 2024
  • Trip Reference Number: 38170


An on-the-ground "Who Am I?" volunteer, shares briefly about how Jesus is the way, truth, and life and He wants to have a personal relationship with each person. While the conversation didn’t go very far in the moment, there is a seed planted for the Holy Spirit to water later. Later this person pulls out their phones to doom scroll social media until they fall asleep, but then they remember the conversation they had and that they scanned a code given to them by a Who Am I volunteer (OR they just simply saw a "Who Am I?" ad online!). This person goes to the site to explore and sees a way that they can download the Bible in their language and do a simple reading plan to help them as they have never read the Bible before. They have a lot of questions stirring inside them so thankfully there is a “chat now” button. When they click on the button it immediately connects them with a responder who is ready and excited to listen, share what the Bible has to say, and even wants to help them get connected to a real believer in their home country! By the time the person gets back home, they plan on connecting and exploring more about who Jesus is. We hope that those who have volunteered to be in Paris for the Olympics will have interactions with people that are full of good gospel-centered conversations. While we pray and plan on this, we know that many interactions will be quicker or more superficial than hoped for. We are excited to introduce an Olympic Digital Engagement Strategy that works hand in hand with the on-the-ground evangelism. We hope to extend each conversation and allow seekers to have direct access to a digital treasure chest of gospel resources, information, and ways to connect with trained biblical responders whenever and wherever they are ready to explore more. This where you come in! We need US-based responders with any language skill, but intermediate to advanced is preferred. We predict the most commonly needed languages are English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Swahili, and Hindi. Would you consider going on a one-week digital mission trip and being a digital responder who looks to share boldly the hope of the gospel to those who are searching? HERE IS THE PROCESS • Visit https://volunteer.whoamitoyou.com to learn more about becoming a digital responder. • Click on the “Sign Up To Be A (US Based) Digital Responder” button and fill out the interest form. This helps us know what language skills you have, whether you have previously served as a digital responder, and the time slots you prefer. • You will receive a Thank You For Your Interest email upon completing the form. In that email, you will receive a link for Go Method and our online responder training course. • You’ll have a call with our on-the-ground digital responder team to answer any questions Thank you for prayerfully considering this opportunity. If you have questions, email us at brantbauman@imb.org