Summer 24 - University Student & Community Outreach in Panama City, Panama

  • Location: Undisclosed
  • People Group: American Peoples
  • Date: May 28, 2024 - Jul 18, 2024
  • Cost: $1,600 + airfare, insurance & visa costs
  • Trip Reference Number: 32079


Envision with me a university full of Christ followers who are passionate for the gospel to be heard in their city, the neighboring country, and all around the world. These students are a light in their communities and workplaces. Lots of churches are being planted in their communities and 1,000s are placing their faith in Christ! Such a beautiful picture! A picture that can become a reality if we will go on mission for our Lord together on the university campuses and in this community. We need you! You will be an essential part in expanding our current university outreach to other universities. You will help host short term mission teams from the U.S. We will prayer walk, build relationships, share the gospel, have English clubs, Bible studies, outreach events, and partner with a student organization and Panamanian churches. Come be on mission with God in beautiful, tropical Panama!