Thursday, May 30 2024
American Peoples
Equipped to Serve in the Americas

Please pray for the many MKs (missionary kids) who are now college students and are attending school in the United States far away from their families. As summer approaches, many of them are looking for the best way to spend those summer months. Pray that God will open doors for them and help them to continue to live in the U.S. or return to their families overseas.

Wednesday, May 29 2024
American Peoples
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(REE-oh day juh-NAIR-oh) - A two-year-old church in Rio de Janeiro has committed to monthly evangelism in and around the church. Please pray for the church members to have zeal for sharing the gospel. Pray for the community to be impacted by the presence of this church. As new people come to the church, pray that they will be welcomed and discipled well. Intercede also for the pastor of this church to stay grounded in the Word and to keep his focus on the Lord.

Tuesday, May 28 2024
American Peoples
Peoples of the Southwest Amazon Basin

The Tahnee people live upriver from a community where some believers live. They are often seen in the city in unfortunate circumstances, under the influence of alcohol or drugs and asking for food. Recently, some from their group visited the believers' home and heard the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Please pray that these people will understand and believe the good news of Christ's resurrection and be redeemed. Pray they will listen to God's Word in their heart language and tell others about Jesus.

Monday, May 27 2024
American Peoples
Displaced Indigenous of Bogota, Colombia

(boh-guh-TAH) - "In order reach the 3,000-plus displaced indigenous people who are living in Bogota, we need more participation from churches in the city," writes the Indigenous Team Bogota. "Pray that God will raise up 12 Colombian believers from healthy, missional churches to join us in making disciples and planting churches among the displaced indigenous of Bogota. Pray for the new indigenous believers to take the gospel with them when they leave Bogota return to their villages."

Saturday, May 25 2024
American Peoples
Map People of Northern Brazil

Pray for the chiefs on the Map People's reservations, asking that they will come to know the Lord. They need biblical knowledge in order to know how to rule their people in the right manner. May they become leaders that others look up to.