175 Days of Prayer

The Deaf in Sierra Leone face much discrimination and a very difficult life. There are only three Deaf schools in the country, and two are in the capital city. International groups have come in and tried to help provide services for the Deaf, but little or nothing has been done to address spiritual needs among this population of 80,000. No Deaf churches are known to exist, and only recently has the conversion and baptism of a Deaf person who received the gospel from Deaf believers from Senegal been reported. Some churches do outreach to the Deaf, but it is through interpretation and often not theologically correct. Ask Jehovah Jireh to provide all that is needed for the Scripture project that will offer up to 300 Bible stories in the local Sign Language via video. Pray for Deaf believers in neighboring West African countries as they reach out, evangelize, plant churches, and train Deaf.