Aegean Turks of Turkey

(uh-JEE-an) – Olivia believed in Jesus as her Lord about three years ago. Like all Christians, her new life in Christ meant that she was no longer a slave to sin, but now had freedom in Jesus. Through the Spirit inside of her, Olivia put a stop to the unbiblical relationship she had been involved in for the past several years. The Spirit produced much fruit in her life, and over time, she showed great spiritual maturity. Olivia desired to marry a godly man. However, she also found herself frustrated by well-intentioned believers in her life who were always trying to set her up. She did not want to be seen as a project for those wanting to play matchmaker. When she was least expecting it, God introduced Olivia to a wonderful godly man. The two hit it off, and alongside their believing communities, they have prayed for the Lord’s favor as they pursue marriage. Please pray for Olivia and her fiancé, as they plan to be married soon. May their marriage honor the Lord, and may He use this believing couple to reach many of their friends and neighbors!