Aegean Turks of Turkey

(uh-JEE-an) – Jason’s mother was never around, and as the oldest of several boys, a lot of responsibilities fell on him from a young age. A difficult childhood combined with a politically religious father led Jason to become fed up with Islam. A year and a half ago, Jason requested a free copy of the New Testament from the internet. He met with two Christians, the first he had ever encountered, and began to read the Bible on his own and with other believers. He quickly professed faith and joined a small group of believers for Sunday worship. He wanted to be baptized, but the other believers in Jason’s fellowship encouraged him to wait awhile to discern if he was truly ready to make that public proclamation of faith. During this season of waiting, the Lord grew Jason’s faith; he was teachable, quick to confess sin, and eager to share the gospel. Eight months after believing, Jason’s fellowship affirmed that he was ready to be baptized! Sadly, since his baptism, Jason has distanced himself from his fellowship. He claims that he still believes, but it seems the cares of this world have entangled him. Pray for Jason to return to the Lord and his fellowship.