Asian Pacific Rim Peoples

“The Asia-Pacific Rim is home to 97 million followers of Jesus. That may sound like a lot, and it is certainly worth praising God for, but it represents only 4.2% of the 2.3 billion people who live here. Most people in the Asia-Pacific Rim still live in spiritual darkness. Will you join us in praying for those who follow Christ to boldly proclaim His glory this Christmas season? Many people are aware of and eager to celebrate the holiday, but few are aware of the Christ that the holiday celebrates. As businesses, neighborhoods, churches, and schools plan parties this year, pray that Christians will insist on telling the Christmas story for all to hear. Pray for clear presentations, boldness to speak the truth, and enough people to follow up with seekers and lead those who believe in discipleship. May the multitudes understand that the greatest gift of Christmas is God’s gift of Jesus, the Way, Truth, and Life. May their hearts be captivated by this great love. As people turn from darkness to light, pray new believers will discover loving fellowships to help them on the journey.