Asian Pacific Rim Unengaged Peoples

The Phula of Vietnam are often hunters and weavers of cloth. They enjoy music and dancing, and communities come together to help one another during harvest time. They pray to their ancestors for health and good harvests, and most homes will have an altar and “spirit door” for this worship. Neither Bible translations, gospel recordings, nor the Jesus film exist in their heart language. Please join in praying for the Phula to have the opportunity to hear the good news about one true God. Pray that they will turn from worshiping ancestors and false goods. Pray for Christians in Vietnam and China to go to them and share the gospel in a way the Phula will understand. Pray also that the Phula will find Christian broadcasts in the national language and will believe and grow in understanding. Pray the few believers that currently exist will boldly share their faith, meet regularly, and be strengthened in their faith. May their lives reflect Jesus to others at all times.