Atheists, Agnostics, Artists; N. Africa & Mid East

Hassan grew up next door to some believers in the Middle East. Sometimes he says that he even feels like a Christ follower, as many of his friends are. Recently, Hassan was visited in a dream by a Jesus-like figure who approached him carrying an unleavened piece of bread and a cluster of grapes before offering him two of the grapes, which had an otherworldly taste of which Hassan had never partaken. After relaying the dream to two believers, they were able to offer him a biblical interpretation alongside biblical passages about the Last Supper and the sacrifice for sin. Pray that Hassan will take the initiative in regularly reading the Bible he joyfully received weeks later. Ask God to give him an immense hunger for the Word and an overwhelming desire to truly know the One who visited him in his dream. Pray that the one true God will open the eyes of his heart so that he may come to follow Jesus as Lord and Savior and then willingly and boldly lead his family, friends, and countrymen to do the same.