Azeris of Azerbaijan and Georgia

(ah-ZER-ees) – When believers in Azerbaijan and Georgia want to take the gospel to rural areas, there are many complexities to overcome. Some areas are very difficult to get to, and sometimes small, closeknit communities do not easily welcome outsiders. It can also be more difficult for someone living in a small community to say openly that they are interested in learning more about the gospel due to fear about what their neighbors will say or do. This means that they may never get their questions answered and put their faith in Jesus, or if they do put their faith in Him, they may not have the courage to go to a public meeting of believers. Please pray for those who desire to bring the gospel to rural areas. Ask that they will be able to get to these communities and that they will be warmly received by the communities they enter. Ask God to prepare the hearts of those they encounter and to draw them to faith in Himself. Please also pray that new believers will boldly and clearly proclaim the gospel to those they meet.