Baloch of the Arab Gulf

(buh-LOHCH) – Some believers translated the Christmas story into the Balochi language, and many Baloch people were able to hear a clear gospel presentation through that story. Many were encouraged by the story, but Connor, one of the men who heard it, said that he was open to learning more. He has been meeting with Tucker, a non-Baloch believer, and they have started to read God’s Word together. Pray that Connor will be open to reading more. Intercede also for Tucker, as this relationship is occurring completely in the Balochi language. Connor doesn’t speak Tucker’s heart language, so it can be challenging to have deep spiritual conversations. Ask God to grow Tucker in his Balochi language skills so that he can clearly answer Connor’s questions, and pray for Connor’s heart to be softened to God’s words. Pray that he will repent and believe.