Baloch of the Arab Gulf

(buh-LOHCH) – Luther has been a believer for eight years and has been praying for his Muslim family also to believe. For many years, his wife, children, and siblings mocked and opposed his new faith. However, last year, Luther and his family met other believers who can speak the Balochi language. These Balochi-speaking believers have been able to love and invest in Luther’s family and tell them more about Jesus. As a result, Luther’s family is now more open than ever to the gospel. In particular, Luther’s eldest daughter, Brianna, has been struggling to know whether Islam or Christianity is true. For years, her uncle has told her evil things about Christianity, but her father and her new Christian friends have been telling her about the goodness of Jesus. She is terrified of her sin and has been trying to do enough good deeds to cleanse herself. But now that she has heard about Jesus, she is wondering if His sacrifice is what will truly make her clean. She has been begging God to speak to her and show her what is true. Please pray for this young woman, and ask Jesus Himself to show her the light.