Baloch of the Arab Gulf

(buh-LOHCH) – Beth and Jane, two believing women, decided to prayerwalk in the neighborhood. They remembered that there was a house not too far away where they’d seen a Baluchi woman before. As they approached the house, no one was outside and the gate was closed. Beth said, “Jane, I’ll do all the talking, but should we just go ring their doorbell? Worst case, they’ll think we’re weird.” Jane agreed. They prayed and rang the bell. A young boy answered, and Beth asked if his mother was home. He said, “I only speak Baluchi,” to which Beth replied, “I know Baluchi.” This led to all the women coming out of the house. Beth knew that she needed to explain why she was there. The Holy Spirit opened her mouth and mind to hold a conversation with four women, asking lots of questions until finally they invited them both inside for tea. They talked for a while and then exchanged phone numbers. Pray that God will work in this family’s heart. Pray that Beth and Jane can continue to meet with them and that the family will believe and be saved.