Beja of Northern Africa

(BEE-ja) – The Beja have a traditional story about an honorable man who was willing to give up his own life to save that of a criminal. In the story, the crowd chasing the criminal is looking for revenge. The honorable man must protect the criminal, for he has crossed the threshold of his tent, seeking refuge. Eventually, to appease the crowd, the honorable man says that he will have the criminal stay the night under a nearby tree and then they can come and take him. Upon arrival, the group pauses, questioning why such an honorable man would give up the criminal. After checking under the blanket, they realize that the son of this honorable man, not wanting his father to take on the responsibility, took the place of the criminal, willing to die in his place. The crowd was so amazed at such honor and self-sacrifice that they left in peace. Jesus is God’s only Son, given as a sacrifice to redeem all peoples to Himself. Pray that the Beja will understand their need for a Savior and have eyes to see that this Savior is, indeed, Christ the Lord.