Bhojpuri of South Asia

(bohj-POOR-ee) – In one area of the Bhojpuri belt, a local politician came to faith after months of hearing the gospel and seeing how his neighbors, who were followers of Jesus, lived lives set apart from the world. In this area, people in positions of authority rarely come to faith in Jesus because it would mean the certain demise of their status in society. However, this man counted the cost and chose to sacrifice everything to follow Jesus. Just one day later, he passed away from a long-term illness. His family soon followed in his faith footsteps despite the oppression from others in their family and community because of their decision. Please pray for this family–the politician’s wife and children–to be discipled well, to walk boldly in faith, and to be a light in the darkness. Praise God that He chooses to bring some into the faith family mere hours before calling them home! Pray that this politician’s stand for Christ will spur others on to follow Jesus, as well!