Cape Town, South Africa

(KAYP town) – Over the past two months, missionaries Ronnie and Gail Davis have encountered 12 orphans in Cape Town, South Africa. “One family of orphans has no adult to help them. This family came here hoping for peace and a future. The government didn’t give the father refugee documents, so he left the country. The mother and three children received refugee documents. Two months ago, the mother died. She left behind Thomas (age 23), Patrick (age 10), and Marie (age 6). The father occasionally sends money when he can find a job. These children live in a moldy 10- by 8-foot room in a house. The rent is about $170 per month, but they cannot pay for it and have only cornmeal and dry beans to eat. Your gifts to the IMB’s Sub-Saharan Africa Orphans Help Fund make it possible to help these three orphans with rent and the other nine orphans with food. You are demonstrating the love of Jesus visibly so the children don’t live on the street or go hungry every day. The money is limited but helps. Pray for God to provide documents for the father and income to pay rent and buy food. Thank Him for caring for the least of these.”