Cape Town, South Africa

(KAYP town) – Refugees flee their home countries out of fear and desperation in hopes of a better life for themselves and their families in South Africa. One such family began with Cyntia and her husband running from the Congo. They received refugee status in 2004, only to have the South Africans hate them and kill her husband. Cyntia has five single-orphan children and her mother for whom to care. She tried selling fresh grilled meat on the corner, but hoodlums stole her grill and meat. One day, Cyntia heard about a Bible study that missionaries teach two streets from her home. She attended, seeking to know God better. Cyntia is a Christian. She trusted God to provide for her family. When she arrived at the Bible study, she found people who cared for her. Cyntia found God was not too busy for her family. The next day, the orphan assistance fund approved help and provided food for her children. Cyntia cried on the missionary’s shoulder. Thank you for caring about giving to destitute families. Please pray for Cyntia, asking that she will get a job for which she has applied. Pray for her children to come to know Jesus as their Savior.