Cape Town, South Africa

(KAYP town) – Much is happening in the West Lake suburb of Cape Town. The small church family is facing trials. Beatrice’s son was murdered near Christmas. Her husband and other two sons aren’t believers. Pray that God will work in the hearts of this grieving family. May they believe in Jesus, receiving hope and peace. Zara and Nic professed faith in Jesus, and He saved them from their drug and alcohol addictions in May. In September, they were married and regained custody of their two children, who had been removed from their home. Missionaries David and Haley Miles met with Zara and Nic three times after this couple’s violent dispute. Pray for wisdom, humility, and reconciliation. Lee is middle-aged and addicted to drugs. He wants to change. David took him to an interview at a Christian drug rehabilitation program. Pray that Lee will do what’s required to be eligible to enter the program. The Miles do marriage counseling with Lucie and Jon. Pray for grace, understanding of each other, and growth in Christ. Infidelity caused mistrust to exist between them. Hope exists even with trials. Praise God for the growing youth group in West Lake! Pray for more youth to believe in Jesus.