Central Asian Peoples

Around 10,000 Narrow Passage People live in the Central Asian valley they call home. It’s a land of steep gorges and precipitous climbs, beautiful and stark. These people have similar cultural practices and are nearly indistinguishable from their neighbors in most ways. Almost entirely Muslim, theirs is known as a place of strong magic, and their valley is the place to go to find someone capable of a powerful curse or healing spell. There are ancient religious sites throughout the valley, shrines and holy trees with an Islamic veneer but that predate Islam by many years. It’s a very spiritually dark place, difficult to reach and not very responsive to the gospel. Natural disasters at development work have opened opportunities to share with these people, but very few believe. Pray for the seekers among them. Ask the Holy Spirit to send dreams and visions to encourage people to seek Jesus. May the Word spread and be effective in the lives of those reading it. Also pray that churches in the United States will commit to praying for them on a consistent and frequent basis. (If your church would like to make such a commitment, please connect with workers by sending an email indicating that.)