Central Asian Peoples

The Four Corners People are spread throughout four countries and are among the most remote people in each of those nations. Historically, they’re one of the most isolated peoples in the world. As a result, their faith is mixed rather liberally with beliefs in spirits, black magic, and animism. Shrines and holy places dot their villages. and every house has markings and rituals to bring good luck or hold off bad spirits. With the isolation, historically, also came poverty; these villages remain some of the most underdeveloped in the world. Scattered throughout this remote valley, a handful of people have come to faith in Jesus. Many more have proven to be open to hearing–not believing yet, but very willing to consider the claims of Jesus. Pray for continued openness and for there to be a sense of dissatisfaction with the spiritual life they live. Pray for the believers among them to share boldly with their neighbors and friends. May they declare their faith through baptism and begin to gather together in worship. (If your church would like to commit to praying for the Four Corners People on a consistent and frequent basis, please connect with workers by sending an email indicating that.)