Central Asian Peoples

The Glacier People are very proud of their home and heritage. To many, their valley is the most beautiful and fertile place in the world even though life there is so hard that most have to leave for work elsewhere. There are few economic opportunities, no industry, and almost no work outside of farming and animal husbandry. In this insular Muslim valley, a group has started to respond to the gospel. Some are prominent in the community; others are young men with little influence. None are yet baptized, but they’re learning and growing in their faith. Pray for the believers, asking that their faith will be strengthened and they’ll learn the Word diligently and follow it faithfully. Pray for protection from those who want to harm them and for boldness to proclaim their faith. Ask God to convict them of the need to be baptized and gather so a church can be planted among them. Pray for the massive majority who haven’t heard and aren’t interested. May the Spirit give them open eyes and soft hearts to overcome their enslavement to a lie. (If your church would like to commit to praying for them, please connect with workers by sending an email indicating that.)