Central Asian Unengaged Peoples

Tajikistan is a mountainous country of almost 10 million people and is made up predominately of rural communities. It remains one of the poorest Central Asian countries. Due to seasonal work, migrant workers leaving Tajikistan make up almost one-third of the working population. Most of these are men aged 18-40, with many leaving behind wives and young children, although in the past few years, the number of younger women becoming migrant workers has increased. Largely because of the economic prospects at home, many young people are doing almost everything they can to move to Europe or North America for work or an education, hoping for a better life. Pray for believers to have wisdom as they seek ways to engage these migrant workers, and ask that nearby churches will desire to reach these people. Pray that these vulnerable migrant workers and emigrants will see their need for more than just finances; may they hear truth and turn to the One who is the Living Water and the Bread of Life. Petition the Lord to put it on the hearts of upcoming leaders to remain in Tajikistan and seek bivocational living in the homeland rather than leaving to become migrant workers or emigrants.