Central Asian Unengaged Peoples

Kazakhs are historically a nomadic group of people, migrating seasonally to take care of their flocks and herds. For modern Kazakhs, economic necessity and the hope of a better life for their children motivate the need for migration to Europe. Over 1.2 million Kazakhs have migrated from their traditional homeland to Europe. Wealthier Kazakhs have been able to establish themselves there, while many others struggle to make ends meet. Kazakhs are very adaptable to new surroundings and are good at building relationships. Deep in their hearts is a fierce loyalty to their family, tribe, and ethnic group. Kazakhs in Europe struggle with questions of identity and how to raise the next generation not to forget where they came from. Pray for Kazakh families that are struggling to preserve their culture for their children. May they find their true identity in Christ. Pray that Christians in Europe will share the good news with their Kazakh neighbors and that Kazakh believers will share with other Kazakhs in Europe. As Kazakhs from Europe and Turkey gather annually for a large, traditional gathering called a “kurultai,” pray that Kazakh believers will find ways to speak about Jesus, the Messiah, and connect with other Kazakhs residing in Europe.