Chittagong Muslims of Bangladesh

(chit-TAH-gong) – On February 25, Muslims in Bangladesh and many other places will celebrate Shab e-Barat. An English translation of that phrase is “the Night of Forgiveness.” Muslims believe that it’s the night that Allah forgives the past year’s sins, moves some of the dead from hell to heaven, and decides the destiny of each person for the coming year. Muslims spend the entire night in prayer and worship. During the night, many men will visit the graves of their deceased family members to pray for the dead. (This also gets done every week after the Friday prayers, just not as steadfastly faithfully.) Followers of Jesus know what God wants for every Muslim in the coming year; He wants each one of them to accept Him through Christ. He is ready to forgive and receive them into His kingdom as soon as they repent and believe. Please join the Muslim people on February 25 in praying for their future–but a future that includes Jesus as Lord.