Chopi of Southern Mozambique

(SHOW-pee) – “Aaron is sick,” the message came in late one night. “They sent him back from the hospital with a small sack of pills for the pain.” The scene is all too familiar, as poor medical care offers only nonprescription-level pain medication and sends away a newly paralyzed man with no further assistance. No explanations are given for why his body has suddenly stopped working on one side. No assistance is provided for him or his sustenance-farming family, terrified with their patriarch being so ill. He lays on a straw mat for days. Time passes. There are only minor improvements. He turns away church members’ visits and regresses to his animistic culture. He is afraid. His world is shattering. His family’s wellbeing is riding on his shoulders. Doubts creep in. Satan’s deceptions are so much heavier in the dark. “Please join us in praying for our brother, Aaron, as he battles this health scare. Pray most fervently for his heart, as it is even more under attack than his physical body. Pray for God’s words to come to mind and for an openness to the body of Christ that he has clung to in the past. To God be the glory in Aaron’s life.”