Chopi of Southern Mozambique

(SHOW-pee) – “Many crowd around, awaiting their turn. The fraying cord extends methodically into the depths. An oil jug prepared a year ago for today’s service is pulled from the depths. Children strain to drag it up together as water splashes from the open top. ‘Lower your bucket from your head so we can pour.’ People wash their hands in the overflow and bring home the murky water to boil out the impurities. This was once the scene before the trucks came. They dug for days until the water was pure and no longer tasted of salt. They poured the concrete base, then steadied the handle, and the community rejoiced at their first-ever freshwater pump well. There, on the well’s plaque, sits the church’s inscription, inviting all to taste of the living water and have life. It’s impossible to track all the positive effects of clean water for this community, but some are seen in the healing of skin rashes and the renewed health of frail babies. Please join us in praying for continued human-needs ideas for the quiet countryside in need. Pray for wisdom in rising to the tasks and coordinating compassionate projects that point to the Lord’s mercy.”