Chopi of Southern Mozambique

(SHOW-pee) – “Nearly a million strong. After seven years of living near the Chopi, we have yet to meet any evangelical presence.” There’s no gospel witness beyond this one missionary family’s engagement of this exclusive-to-Mozambique people group. And yet, the Lord in His kindness has saved 35 believers who are standing against the darkness. The cost of discipleship is high, especially when your community is your lifeline. Please pray for these believers to stay strong amid the trials and rejection from their community. Pray also for the salvation of the sea of lostness faced by the one missionary family and this small body of believers. Ask the Holy Spirit to orchestrate spiritual conversations, and pray that the believers will stand as a Christ-witness in the community. Pray that many Chopi will turn from their unbelief to the life-saving, hope-giving Christ!