Chopi of Southern Mozambique

(SHOW-pee) – “To be a leader is to carry honor and respect. You are the one getting a late-night visit from a troubled neighbor. You are sought for counsel and advice. You are looked to for wisdom. You are a mouthpiece for God’s Word. And as a leader, you guard your position, seeking to serve those around you in the church. Please join our Southern Mozambique Team in praying for the Chopi church leaders. There is no paycheck or monetary gain, and church leadership is often seen by unbelievers as taking away from time and attention that could otherwise be spent on survival. Please pray for training opportunities for leadership this year and for the fruitfulness of leadership development opportunities. Also join us in praying for more leaders to rise up and help carry the God-honoring load placed on the shoulders of these existing leaders. Thanks be to God for these faithful leaders in the church! May He continue to protect and guide their lives for His glory.”