City of Sand, Northern Africa

Mahmud was tormented by evil spirits, which worsened when he went to witches for help. Then he heard about a group of believers who met for prayer. He asked if he could come to the meeting, and after they prayed, he was freed from the evil spirits. He invited some of the leaders of the group to visit him in his home to meet the rest of his family. Everyone in his family accepted Jesus after hearing the gospel message. Now the family hosts a group for discipleship in their home, and this includes extended family members and neighbors. Praise God for Mahmud’s deliverance from evil spirits! Praise God for faithful believers who pray and share the gospel with the lost! Praise God for family groups coming together to worship and encourage each other to faithfully follow the Lord Jesus! Praise God for the boldness of the group to share the gospel with their neighbors! Ask God to bless this group and many others who are meeting in their homes throughout the land. May God grow His kingdom through their faithful witness.