Cliffside Dwellers of Northern Africa

The children begin to trickle into the room, hearing for the first time that their father is a follower of Christ. Although he has been a believer in Jesus for many years, this is the first time that they are hearing this with their own ears. Many years ago in Europe, he heard the truth and began to follow this new way of faith. Now back in his home country in northern Africa, he has a wife and several children. So far, none of them believe in Jesus. Now that he is growing in this faith and in his strength to share with his family, pray that his fear will change to a wise boldness. Please intercede for Samad and his family. Pray that his faith will grow deep as he continues to seek the Lord, and ask that his family will accept this truth for themselves. Pray for him to be able to love and guide his wife and children well as they navigate this knowledge of their father when talking to others, particularly the children at school. Lastly, please pray that Samad will be able to provide for his family as he starts a new business in their village.