Cliffside Dwellers of Northern Africa

The Cliffside Dwellers live in a secluded, mountainous region in northern Africa. They were considered to be a Christian people early on through the first six centuries. After the expansion of Islam in the area, most of the Cliffside Dwellers converted to Islam. Since then and up to this point, these people have been Muslim. Their loyalties are first to their family, then to their heritage, and finally to a blended Islam (folk Islam). They are enormously proud yet simple people. To be a Cliffside Dweller is to be Muslim with no doubt. Their heart language is a tribal language; however, when the Arabs took over that part of the world, the local languages were forbidden and only Arabic was allowed. Thankfully, there are gospel resources in their heart language in which they can learn about the one true God. With a population of more than 2 million, less than 2% are following Christ, but that number is increasing steadily by God’s grace. Please pray for the salvation of the Cliffside Dwellers.