Coffee People of Southeast Asia

In June, you were asked to pray for an ultrasound machine. Thank you for praying! The equipment at the Eternal Peace Clinic is now available to patients in need. Due to the generosity of givers like you and U.S. non-profit partners, a trainer brought the ultrasound machine to the clinic in November. “I am so thankful to get an ultrasound today. I was supposed to have a checkup this month but delayed it because I didn’t have enough money,” shared one woman expecting her third child. She received a free screening at the Eternal Peace Clinic. Six other mothers got free screenings during three days of training for the staff. One mom with two sons was happy to learn she is having a girl. God continues to work in abundantly great ways as the donors provided a high-quality machine in a desperately needed area. This partnership is a demonstration of the body of Christ working together. We are extremely grateful for the prayer and financial support. Please pray we can continue to share boldly about how Jesus can save lives, physically and spiritually. Our goal is to serve with the love of Christ.