Coffee People of Southeast Asia

When Atih arrived in the English village, she was focused on learning to further her career. She occasionally went to church, yet experienced several challenges from the Lord. After a friend invited her to Red Letter Worship, she attended and found a group of joy-filled believers. Soon after, she realized she had not been immersed biblically after she repented and put her faith in Jesus. Atih and another family member followed through with believers’ baptism. Since then, she has had an insatiable hunger for the Word of God. Since February, Atih has helped coordinate the musical worship of the weekly gathering. Pray for her as she considers pursuing a Master of Theology degree with a concentration in counseling. Many students in the English village need solid biblical counseling. Pray for Atih, as she also is a bold witness to other friends in her class, which she now views as an opportunity to further God’s kingdom.