Conakry, Guinea

(KON-ah-kree) – There are six Baptist churches in Guinea, with four being in the capital city of Conakry and two located just outside the city. Worker Benjamin recently met with the pastors from two of these churches, and they expressed their desire to meet more often, working together to guard the unity of the local Guinean church. Even though it is difficult for Pastor Sam to travel into the city, he is willing to meet once a month in order to pray together and “vision cast” for the future of the Baptist churches. Workers write: “We thank God for these talks, and we thank God for these faithful pastors! Pray with Benjamin as he meets with these pastors each month, specifically the next meeting on December 8. Pray for these pastors as they shepherd the local church, and ask the Lord to give them a vision for the future and for the unity and growth of the Baptist churches in Guinea.”