Conakry, Guinea

(KON-ah-kree) – Jennifer, a Guinean Fulani believer, went against her family and the cultural norms of Islam years ago by choosing to trust in Christ for her salvation. Since then, her family has tried to get her to reject Christ and turn back to Islam. But she has remained strong, continuing to study God’s Word through one-on-one discipleship with Erica, a worker. After years of standing firm in her faith, Jennifer’s family knows that she won’t reject Christ, but they still make it difficult for her. Recently, she asked her husband if she could attend a Baptist women’s conference, and he told her no for fear that it would bring persecution on their family. He also rejects her pleas to attend church on Sundays. Jennifer is discouraged that she can’t gather with believers for the fellowship that she desires. Pray for Jennifer, asking that the Lord will encourage her and give her the courage and ability to meet regularly with the body of Christ. Pray that each member of her family will choose Christ for their salvation.