Deaf Peoples

Workers in Southeast Asia, Jon and Nellie Valjean, share: “A little over 10 years ago, the Lord brought us to the country we now call home. The first morning at a hotel, I woke up and went out to the window and saw a jungle-filled mountain. That represented how I felt about the work: a mountainous task. Through the years, you prayed for us and came and supported us, and now there are three churches, dozens of baptisms, thousands who have seen the gospel, and a theological training center. Praise God, whose light has shone in dark places! While we have many reasons to celebrate, the harvest is still plentiful and we continue to beseech you to pray, to go, to give, and to partner with us as we continue to obey the Lord’s command. Your support of the Lottie Moon offering is how we continue our work, with 100% of the proceeds going straight to the mission field. Thank you for being there for us, and thank you for remaining faithful to the Lord’s commission.”