Deaf Peoples

Do you remember praying for Sadie, a Deaf West African young woman who was baptized, then locked up by her mother and threatened? She recently led her sister to Christ and baptized her. Last month, Sadie contacted workers one evening and shared that the family’s driver came and attempted to take her and her sister by force to a maribout (a witch doctor at the mosque). He wanted the maribout to turn them back to Islam. Sadie and her sister refused to get out of the car, stating they would only follow Christ. Workers weren’t sure of the details, but as the driver began to hit her, somehow the police became involved. The police told Sadie to forgive the driver and sent them home. Her mother was furious. Workers don’t understand the relationship with the driver as this is not typical to even have a driver, let alone have him concerned. Praise the Lord for His protection. Please pray for Sadie and her sister to be strong in the Lord.