Deaf Peoples

The beginning of the recent StoryOne camp in West Africa got off to a shaky start. Join workers in giving thanks to God as they write: “The evil one was digging his claws into every part of the camp. Between persecutions, people being unable to attend, the much-needed camera and tech guy coming down with COVID-19, and every mishap in between . . . what can you say, except, ‘That’s StoryOne camp!’ Deaf were arriving from five different countries, excited to learn about evangelism and church planting and producing Bible stories in their native sign languages. The Lord knows every need and meets each person right where they are. He knew who needed to be there, and He is capable of providing for all the needs. Praise the Lord that the tech guy arrived on time after testing negative for COVID-19! The other good news is that the Spirit was at work. We know that we serve the all-powerful One. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to remember the Deaf of Africa in prayer. It’s humbling. We’re so thankful for your partnering with us and for praying. He answers!”