Deaf Peoples

Last month, the Deaf team in a Southeast Asian country participated in a soccer competition. Their college group had packed 300 “sustaining bags” filled with electrolyte packets, sweet bread, a bag of peanuts, a contact card, and a Deaf icon track of the gospel. They were hoping to have conversations with 140 soccer players plus their friends and be the light of Jesus, shining brightly so that they would know that they are loved and cared for. The college group learned what it meant to serve others and practice their evangelism skills. It provided an opportunity to earn favor with the Deaf, showing that Christians care about them and enjoy being with them. While it’s difficult to measure the full impact, the team knows that the Deaf have had an opportunity to look at an iconic gospel track with a digital video barcode explaining each page. The contact card is for the local college fellowship so they can reach out. Pray that the evil one will not distract from what the Lord is doing. Pray for the team as they reflect on this event and prepare for opportunities to follow up at the Deaf soccer tournament later this month.