Deaf Peoples

Anthony, a key Deaf leader in West Africa, has attended all the training events during the past two years and is the best storyteller of the group. He and his wife are part of an interpreted ministry in a hearing church. Since training with the Deaf team, they’ve been empowered to minister among Deaf peoples. While attending the most recent training, they presented a letter from their hearing pastor with a checklist of qualifications from the church leadership. (This is common in African culture when a church permits its people to attend trainings.) The checklist showed that they are faithful in their support of the church and that Anthony’s wife is not his concubine but his legal wife. However, leadership could not affirm them fully because they do not “speak in tongues” nor have the “gift of the Spirit.” Workers were reminded what Deaf people face in places with no Deaf churches or other options to be a part of an evangelical church. Anthony and his wife do their best to attend faithfully, utilize an interpreter, and share the gospel message among the predominantly Muslim Deaf community. Pray for wisdom and protection as they lead as qualified church planters among the Deaf community.