Durban, South Africa

(DER-bun) – “Tinashe, a tattoo artist from Zimbabwe, heard the singing down the hallway from his shop in a downtown Durban, South Africa, high-rise office building. Something drew him to pop in every so often to sit through the Sunday morning worship and then quickly leave as the service ended. Friendships were formed as believers spoke frequently to him on the elevator. When God finally got ahold of his heart, he surrendered and prayed to receive Christ. He was baptized and now loves to memorize Scripture. As we met him on the elevator recently, he said, ‘Come, look, ma; I changed my wall.’ Now he has Bible verses printed all over his wall where tattoo options used to dominate, and he attempts to start spiritual conversations with his clients. Give thanks to God that Tinashe is ‘a new creation’ (2 Corinthians 5:17) and has a heart for the lost! Pray for him as he shares the good news with the lost both in his shop and on the streets of Durban. May God use him to bring many into the family of God.”