Emirati Arabs of the United Arab Emirates

(EH-muh-rah-tee) – In Luke 18:18 (ESV), a ruler asked Jesus, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Several verses later, he walked away from Jesus, feeling sad because the cost was too great for him. Many Emirati Arabs are extremely wealthy, and the cost of following Jesus by faith is great for them, as well. Please ask God to open their eyes to see the truth and beauty of Jesus, and pray for them to follow Him by faith so they can have eternal life. Many other Emirati Arabs are not wealthy. Although wealth doesn’t create an obstacle for them, traditional beliefs, family and societal pressures, and sometimes even self-righteousness hinder them from listening to the gospel. Ask God to open the eyes and hearts of these people, too, so they will hear the gospel and understand as well as perceive its beauty. Pray for Emirati Arabs, whether rich or poor, to follow Jesus!