Frontline Mission Network, East Asian Peoples

In the heart of the Tibetan highlands, the story of the Duan family continues to unfold, echoing the resolute spirit of James Fraser’s mission to the Lisu people in the early 1900s. Having overcome the persecution resulting from their first missional journey, the Duan family has responded to God’s divine call with unwavering commitment. Supported by the local church and joined by a fellowship of families, they stand on the cusp of embarking on a second journey, reminiscent of Fraser’s immersive approach to Lisu culture. The Lisu church, inspired by Fraser’s vision of indigenous leadership, views the mission as a collective endeavor. Their journey is not merely about spreading the gospel but living it, immersing themselves in the lives of the Tibetan people. In the vast expanse of the plateau, the Duan family’s expedition is a continuation of a timeless narrative—a story of faith, dedication, and the gospel call to share hope with those in distant lands. Pray that the Duan family finds fertile soil to sow the gospel seeds among the Tibetan people.