Fukuoka, Japan

(foo-koo-OH-kah) – “In December 2023, we told you about a new student exchange opportunity between Seinan Jo Gakuin and a Southern Baptist school in Tennessee. We asked that you pray that this would bring Japanese students to call on Jesus as their Lord and Savior. God answered your prayers! Charming, a Japanese high school student, helped her family host two young women as part of this program. Charming’s mother and younger brother are Christians, and Charming had heard the gospel many times, but she had always said ‘no’ to following Jesus. During the young women’s visit, Charming took them to see a famous local Shinto shrine, a popular tourist destination. With two IMB missionaries there as well, Charming heard the gospel once again. This time, standing right in the middle of the Shinto shrine, she said ‘yes’ to Jesus and committed to follow Him. Charming cried tears of joy as she prayed to accept Christ into her heart. Thank you for praying. Please pray for her spiritual growth and that she becomes a strong witness of the Lord Jesus to people around her, especially to her dad.”