Garhwali Speakers of Northern India

(guhr-WAH-lee) – Garhwali comes from the word for “fort” and is the language spoken by a group of people in northern India. Most Garhwali speakers make their living through agriculture, but as is true in many places in South Asia, the youth are moving to the cities to get an education and to look for work. The villages where most Garhwali speakers live dot the hills and plains in a beautiful area that lies at the start of the Ganges River, which plays a huge role in their Hindu religion. Hindus believe that the water of the Ganges is holy and can cure people of their afflictions; therefore, there have been spiritual battles and strongholds in the area for centuries. The area is also quite culturally diverse, and believers striving to share the good news must do so amid many challenges. Please pray for the salvation of the Garhwali-speaking people.