Global City of Opportunity in the Middle East

The monthlong fast for Muslims worldwide called the month of Ramadan begins this month. During Ramadan, the people of the Global City of Opportunity will fast during the day and also perform special prayers throughout the day. Some will even read the Quran more than at any other time of the year. When the sun sets, they will gather with family and friends to break the fast and eat until the next morning’s prayer time. What the people of the Global City of Opportunity and many other Muslims accept is that they are trying to earn their salvation. Convinced that there is a divine scale, they believe that if their good works outweigh their unacceptable deeds, they will get into heaven. Fasting during the month of Ramadan is performed as a good work that they hope will balance out their sin. They do not believe in a loving, merciful God who took away the sins of the world by sending His Son. They have not heard that Jesus has died for them, satisfying God’s justice. Pray that during Ramadan, they will have a chance to listen to this truth and give their lives to Jesus.