Global Missionary Partners, Asia-Pacific Rim

Elizabeth, a Global Missionary Partner from an Asian country, served in several places and is now serving in another country alongside an IMB team. Recently, Elizabeth had to go home to help with the aftermath of her younger sister’s sudden death. She has now returned to the field. Elizabeth writes: “The Lord always comforts my heart through His grace. He lets me know that He is still working. Praise the Lord because today a woman invited Jesus in her heart! Pray that God will open the way to start studying the Bible with her. Pray that I will continue to have a good relationship with the Lord.” Jesus told the people that if they held to His teaching, they are really His disciples. Then they will know the truth, and the truth will set them free (John 8:31-32). Please pray for Elizabeth and for this new believer. Ask God to give her a strong faith, in spite of any difficulty she will face. Pray that the team will be faithful to provide a solid example of discipleship.