Global Partnerships and Engagement in Korea

“Please pray for the eight South Korean young adults who are finishing their field ministries this month with IMB teams as either Hands On or Journeyman missionaries through the IMB’s Global Missionary Partners (GMP) initiative. Praise God for their participation in spreading the gospel to people groups in the places they served. Please pray for the seeds planted while on the field to take root and that many people will come to faith, even after the GMPs leave. Please pray for a good conclusion to their ministries, safe travel back to their homes, and a meaningful debriefing time. As they return to their churches, schools, and homes, please pray for them to live their lives as disciples of Christ. Also, please join us in thanking God for the seven families who are in the application process to be GMPs. Please pray for God’s wisdom and direction for job matches and necessary paperwork and for safe arrival on the mission field.”